Self Sabotaging on Social Media

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Self Sabotaging on Social Media - Mushroom Souffle and Sarah FletcherIt’s all going great, you’re full steam ahead and then…


Motivation flies out the window.

The mind gremlins kick in…

“meh, I can’t be arsed”
“but I did a great post yesterday, I don’t need to today”
“far too busy, I won’t even try today”
“it’s boring”
“it means brushing my hair” << this is one of mine for video

You are SELF SABOTAGING your social media.


I recently did this…

on a 30 day video challenge I was doing.

I was loving it – building my confidence back up, seeing the reactions to the vids, watching everyone else’s in the group…

But then the last two days I was so close to just not bothering to do the vids.

What was my brain playing at?

Had to give myself a serious kick up the backside and go watch everyone else’s vids.

So close to the end, why would I even consider not doing them?


WE are NOT our thoughts.
WE are the grand observer of our thoughts.

WE get to choose which thoughts are true and which are not and which serve us and which do not.

The fabulous Maria McHale is an NLP Practitioner and this was the ‘lite’ version she shared with me when I was wailing about why I was being a dick…

“It’s very normal, our subconscious mind’s primary purpose is to protect us so that ‘meh’ feeling is a limiting belief showing up – designed to steer you off track and keep you safe, protecting you from a perceived harm.

This can be anything from the fear of failure, the need for perfection or becoming overwhelmed by the possibility of what you’re doing which can lead to stopping before you start, procrastination or giving up completely.

You are aware of it (many are not!) so ask yourself why you are getting in your own way, what is stopping you from achieving what you want?

Beliefs are based solely on our generalisations from the past, experiences, other people’s messages about us, and the meaning we make from those experiences. Unfortunately, we don’t consciously decide what we believe, and that is where you are right now, in a bit of conflict!

You need to find and acknowledge your limiting belief and then replace it with an empowering one that serves you better. Whenever you feel resistance to do things, move on, change or sabotage yourself, there’s always a deeper cause working.”