The Power of Zero Tolerance

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“What you tolerate is what you worry about”

I like to randomly listen to TedTalks on YouTube while working. YouTube serves them up one after the other, and most of the time I’m not listening – just focused on my work.

But today was different. This one just smashed into my consciousness about half way through the video.

“What you tolerate is what you worry about”

Just that one sentence hit me. So fucking true.

I’ve tolerated a lot to accommodate others in the past, mainly in my personal life. In business I’m way more on it.

40% of what we worry about will never happen

30% of what we worry about has already happened

12% are needless worries about our health (don’t Google that headache)

This leaves 8% for REAL, LEGITIMATE worries.

Just taking that first % – this is like putting a 40% deposit on a house that you are never going to own.

Take that 92% and repurpose it for good.


Use the HERO system

H – Hush the noise and chatter in your head. Reconnect with what you want. Say no to what you don’t. Remember – what you tolerate is what you worry about.

E – Evaluate. What and who are you tolerating? High maintenance clients/family/friends? Things that don’t work? What difficult conversations do you need to have?

R – Ritualise. Simple daily tasks you need to take to be and stay at your best. Sleep, daily inspiration, exercise, relaxing. Feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.

O – Own. It’s not enough to know it. You have to own it. Own what you won’t tolerate and reduce the worry. Saying no is hard, but freeing and energizing.


Be your own HERO. Say no. Worry less.


Watch the full 20 min vid – The Power of Zero Tolerance by Isabelle Mercier. There’s good shit in there.