The Attention Capturing Checklist

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Attention Capturing Checklist - Mushroom SouffleHave you seen the amount of crap running through your social media newsfeed?

Eeeekkk, horrendously mind numbing!

And the last thing you want to do is add to it.

I know you want your social media content to stand out, attract people, and get them talking back to you.

I know you want to show you’re super cool at what you do and that you’re pretty incredible to work with.


I gave this a lot of thought…

As you start to write a post, a list of things to check for make it a much smoother and quicker process.

It means you don’t have to think as much, always a winner.

It will spark creativity for new posts.

Show you aspects to introduce to your posts that you may not have been using before.

Sound good?


Download it and create awesome posts.