The most amazing copy of all time?

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One of the most amazing examples of copy I keep getting referred to by other top copywriters is this one.

”They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano but When I Started to Play!”

John Caples wrote it as a fledgling copywriter in 1926 to sign up correspondence-course students for the U.S. School of Music.

It became one of the most popular and successful ads in history!

He tells a story, you get drawn in, you want to play the piano like that too!

It’s not until the end you realise it’s an advert. But even then they’re only offering you something for free.

John later went on to become an expert in direct-response advertising.

Copywriting is an art! The better we are at it, the higher the results you get from your marketing.

How does it make you feel?

John Caples They laughed when I sat down to play