You need ONE thing to be a Social Media Superhero…

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Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor all have this ONE thing in common.

Scratch that. Make it two. They all have cool outfits too 😉





They know what they stand for, what their purpose it, and they just do it.

Do you have INTENTION in your social media?

Without it, do you know that the point of your social media is?

Be your own social media superhero. Mushroom Souffle Social Media Magic


~ keeps you moving in the right direction
~ gives you conviction, future, commitment, clarity, awareness
~ requires your attention & focus
~ means you have strategic direction.

& you’re being effective.

If you can’t see where you’re taking this through to 2020 and beyond…

what will you achieve?


❓To be seen as THE EXPERT for what you do
❓To conquer a particular niche in your industry
❓To build a laser-engaged audience to introduce new services or products to
❓To keep your current customers engaged & informed
❓To create a tribe of weirdos like you
❓To network with your peers & keep on your top game
❓To let people in & see the real YOU that they will be working with
❓General brand awareness & networking
❓Local area domination
❓World domination

When sharing online, is that post keeping you on track for your intention?

^^ Set your intention now & focus.

So many businesses are throwing jelly at digital walls & hoping it will stick (I’ve been guilty of this!)

Take control. Make awesome shit happen like superheros do!


Need help being a Social Media Superhero?
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