Posts vs Articles on LinkedIn

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So many people still aren’t sure of the difference between LinkedIn posts and articles.

“What should I use? AARRRRHHHHHHH!!!”

Good fucking question people!


have a max of 1300 characters.

I smash this with most of my Facebook posts so end up spending ages cutting them down for a LinkedIn post.

So, LinkedIn posts are (my version of) short and sweet.

You can tag other people in them.

Add up to 8 photos.

Or a video.

Small annoyance – LinkedIn is like Facebook – they are not keen on links in the main post. They don’t want you to encourage readers to leave LinkedIn.


are like full-on blogs or magazine articles – I haven’t run out of characters yet!

This is for when you really have something to say (like me?).

It’s your opportunity to showcase your expert authority or demonstrate your thought leadership

You can’t tag people inside an article.

But you can add text formatting, links, pics, vids to make it more visual and really cool!

The added joy of using Articles?

They get their own url link.

You can update them later if needed, and re-share them to the newsfeed as often as you want. So you get more Lifetime Value from them than a post.

And they look good sat on your LinkedIn profile when people are stalking you.


Are you using one of these or both?