Make the most of your social media content & your valuable time!

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Why you need to re-purpose your social media content


And your time is incredibly valuable. Although weirdly we often don’t credit ourselves with how much.

If you’re creating content, are you re-purposing it into other formats? You’ve already got the info – make it into multiple different types of posts and use across ALL your social networks.

I’ve been asked to contribute to an Ultimate Guide To Repurposing Your Content ebook that a marketing colleague is putting together.

What else would I do but share all my interview answers with you?!

What do you believe are the top 3 benefits of re-purposing content?

1. Making the most of your valuable time that you spend creating content.
2. Everyone absorbs information in different ways – presenting it in different formats allows you to help more people.
3. Repetition is essential! Few peeps remember stuff the first time they are told. But re-purposing means it doesn’t get boring!

How do you know/decide what content is worth re-purposing?

1. By listening to the questions that you are consistently asked.
2. When a post gets great reactions and engagement from your online community.
3. When you KNOW this info is what they need to hear, because you see people being caught out again and again 😉

List your top 10 suggestions for re-purposing content

1. Record a video, get it transcribed using, so you can use it as a blog on your website.
2. Post your blog as an article on LinkedIn (after your website blog has ranked on Google).
3. Go through your blog and pull out your top tips to use as short individual posts and tweets.
4. Turn your short top tips into images.
5. Turn your top tips on a topic into an ebook and use as a free download on your website to build your mailing list.
(I’m being a rebel and only giving you 5 suggestion 😉 )

What are your favourite tools (free/paid for) for helping you to re-purpose content?

One of my team!

Where should business owners re-purpose their content?


Do you have anything else you would like to add/share?

Screw other people and what they think.
Don’t overthink what you’re putting out there. Do your thing loud and proud.
Those that love you will rave about you even more. Those who don’t can leave!
Need to build your confidence? Talk to an expert! (me!)

Is this useful to you?
What questions do you have about re-purposing content?
Just ask!

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