The New Messenger Rooms for Facebook & Instagram

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I had a play with the new Messenger Rooms on Friday in my Facebook Group, Sarah’s Social Cake.

What is it? It’s a new way to invite peeps to have a video call with you. You can have up to 50 guests! You set up the Room and they come and join you.

My question was: Is it a Good Business Tool? Can it compete with Zoom?

Here’s what I found…

As the Room host:

💠You can schedule Rooms in advance. It gives you a link to share and creates a post to announce it.
💠In FB Groups, anyone can join that Room. No restrictions.
💠On your FB Profile you can open it up to everyone, or invite specific people.
💠Yes to screen share!
💠Not being able to mute others is horrendous! Most peeps are oblivious when their background noise is taking over the conversation.
💠No record option.
💠You can’t prevent others from screen sharing.

I then jumped into someone else’s Room.

As a Room participant:

💠You can mute/unmute and turn video on/off.
💠You can screen share.

That’s it!

Using your phone you can use effects and filters for fun.

When I go into your group there’s a huge section that says Open a Room! If you DON’T want your members to be able to open their own Room in your group, you need to change it in your Settings.

Messenger Rooms - Facebook and Instagram


This a great for informal chats, jumping into a Room to sort through a challenge someone is having, having a Friday afternoon catch-up, fun with your friends.

It can’t match up to Zoom or the other paid for options.

I have no idea how you’d have 50 peeps in a Room without it being utter chaos/hilarity/stressful.

Have you tried it? What was the result?