Shit Online Content Can Ruin Your Business

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We’ve all done it, looked at a person’s blog and thought, snore 💤, can’t be bothered to read that.

Worse, we have all been on a website and thought, OMG this is so confusing I’ll go elsewhere.

And we’ve definitely scrolled past a LOT of social media posts.

The question is, do you want to be the person saying this content is shit, or the person that is creating that shit?

Content matters

It sets the tone for your business. Good content creates interest, which generates income.

It is food for our eyeballs and brains!

Your content needs to set you apart from your competitors, demonstrate that you are an expert in your field, or that your product is the best on the market. Engage your audience and leave them wanting to buy. Or at least find out more.

After all, that is what you write your website, blogs and social media posts for… to make money.

Bombarding peeps with ‘Buy My Stuff’?

Hell no! This is not the way to go.

Adverts – do you read them, or speed up your scrolling?

What makes you stop and read an advert? Is it because the ad is really eye catching or because you are interested in buying whatever it is that is being sold? Adverts do work if your potential customer is looking to buy that thing right at that moment and you happen to have the right sales pitch to suit their needs. 

However, most people expect to know you a little before buying from you (known as building relationships!). At the very least they’ll compare you to your competitors (stalking). Becoming the ‘go-to’ person for your product/service doesn’t happen by chance or overnight. It takes strategic effort to put yourself at the fore of people’s minds so they want to buy from you. 

Are you there when they’re ready to buy?

Your potential customers may not be ready to buy what you are selling the second you put your offer out. What about 6 months later, when they are ready? How will you be on their mind?

Awesome content! Being visible online! That is how.

Write your posts, showcase your shit-hot knowledge, demonstrate how you have helped so many other people, share all those satisfied client testimonials, and stay consistently present

Need to know the difference between creating content that helps you to sell and constantly pushing a sales pitch?

How to generate interest in your business and your product or service?

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Whether you sell B2B or B2C, it is still a matter of building trusting relationships and being visible. If you are not consistent, not engaging and not promoting your business in a positive light, you will be falling short every month. That makes me sad!

Crappy and inconsistent content can damage your business so much that you end up going out of business. More new ventures fail in their first three years of business than any other time, because rookie mistakes can cost you dearly. 

Top Tips include:

  • Don’t waffle, have a solid focus to your post
  • Avoid trying to cram too many things into one article/blog – our brains can’t cope! Keep it simple for us
  • Be consistent
  • Check for typos and grammar

You would be surprised how many times that last one is ignored. Use spell check, read through your stuff to ensure it makes sense.

Oh, and have a think about the content that grabs your attention when you’re scrolling online. What makes you stop and read or watch?

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