Was the Mountain a Stupid Idea?

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“Whose stupid idea was this?”
was the loud response from my friends.

September 2016 – We’re in Rio de Janeiro for the Paralympics to support my friend playing on the GB Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team.

It was a rare day off from travelling to and from the basketball games and we were less than half way climbing up Sugar Loaf Mountain.

The temperature was up to 29 degrees and my rucksack weighed a tonne due to all the water in it.

99.99% of people just take the fucking cable car to the top. I was wishing I had at this moment.

It wasn’t easy from the start.
Scrambling across 45 degree angled smooth rocks with a steep drop straight down to the sea and rocks.

No protective gear at the beginning. The Brazilians have a very different idea of health and safety to us Brits!

Let me take you back to about 3 months before…

We were having a party to celebrate Clare returning for her 5th (and we knew this would be her final) Games.

There may have been a fair amount of Pimms and rosé consumed.

We’re discussing what to do in Rio.

We’d already climbed a couple of mountains in the UK. So I thought it would be a cool idea to do one in Rio!

Bugger, it was definitely my idea.
But my fellow idiots clearly felt very agreeable and adventurous at that point too.

None of us considered conditions or the temps at that moment.
Or later when we booked it.


Back to me moaning on that damn mountain,
We had a chuckle at how excited (and possibly pissed) we’d been.

After my wee outburst, we carried on climbing up. We’d progressed to being hooked up together on ropes by then as one of us falling would have been an inconvenience.

Until we were faced with 8 metres of sheer rock face.

“We have to go up that?”

Our trek leader grinned “Yes”.

EEEEKKKKKK! That was a lot of vertical climbing that none of us had ever done!

He showed us the climbing gear works, got us into our harnesses, and then monkeyed up the cliff face, hooking his ropes up as he went.

Then casually hung halfway way up and shouted for the first person to start.

He threw instructions at us as we climbed.

One point required pushing off and swinging to catch a little ledge with your fingers. Errrr…

We made it, well, except for Laura’s phone which she decided to throw off the edge of the sheer face rock after reaching the top of it. It didn’t survive.
(And she wondered why we wouldn’t lend her our phones to take pics with further up the mountain.)

Then there was the moment our guide thought there was a snake, but didn’t tell us.

It was getting dark and he stopped to get out his head-torch (we could have done with that sooner), and threw a stick at where he thought it was.

Luckily no snake!

We finally reached the top in total darkness.

There we were sweating, dirty, knackered, surrounded by people who had taken the cable car, dressed beautifully for the sipping cocktails at the bar.

Never has a Kiwi Caipirinha tasted so good.

And the view was sooooo worth it. Beautiful!

Did we climb back down?
Shit, no.
Did we walk down the easy route?
Hell no!
We took the cable car.

If you’ve made it this far, I have no idea why this memory popped into my head.

But if I need to use it as a analogy for something…

This is often the crazy journey that happens when you decide your social media needs to actively start working for your business!

It seems like a good idea at the time (you had a couple of vinos and were brainstorming marketing ideas and business growth plans?)

You start off with enthusiasm and navigate a few obstacles whilst wobbling a bit, then thinking of and creating content becomes a huge issue. No idea what direction you have to go in, you don’t have the tools and systems in place, and the repetitiveness becomes a grind and the fun disappears out of it.

And you get stuck at the sheer rock face.
Nobody needs that.

Have the RIGHT people around you with the right equipment, knowledge, directions and motivation.

There is no way I’d have made it up Sugar Loaf Mountain without our awesome guide and the gallons of water in my rucksack.

Equally, my friends were the right ones to do it with. A mix of support and piss taking kept the motivation and spirits up.

I guess that makes me your social media trek leader when you’re ready to make it work inline with your business goals.

I’ve got your hat, harness, ropes, map, and a unlimited supply of ideas, advice, and motivation. I know where to stop for snack breaks and lunch. Piss taking can also be provided if required.

Drop me a message when you’re thinking about the next step for your social media 💪 Don’t look at the whole mountain!