The Simple Social Media Formula: Trust = £££s in a Pandemic

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Face-to-face businesses; are you still sharing your Covid precautions on your social media?

Or have you got lazy?

I’ve stalked many accounts recently (well, it is my job!) and there is no mention of it anywhere since June/early July on most of those accounts.

What can customers expect when they get there or you go to them?

  • Shops, Restaurants, & Takeaways
  • Hairdressers & Beauticians
  • Hotels & B&Bs
  • Estate Agents
  • Cleaners
  • Gyms
  • Dance Classes

and there’s others!

Don’t expect people to scroll way back to find out.
Don’t expect people not to want to know.
Don’t expect people to just know it’s all OK.

Some people are only just coming out to shop or use your services now.

They’re not going to search 3 months worth of posts to find the information they’re looking for.

I’m getting a haircut for the first time since January today (okaaay, so I’m slow on the uptake). My hairdresser hasn’t posted on her Facebook how it now works. I had to message and ask, which annoyed me.

Recently I’ve been to two restaurants that I won’t return to because of their lack of hygiene/safety.
And I’ve been to another that was amazing! I will definitely go back again.

So now I want to know before I book!

Make it easy for us.
Put minds at rest.

Some aren’t bothered, but equally some take this very seriously.
Putting in the effort shows you care and builds that all important trust that is needed more than ever right now.

Trust equals £££s in a pandemic world.