🥞🥞🥞 Why Social Media Posts are Like Pancakes…

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And it’s not because you can waffle on about your business!
And the last thing we want your posts to do is flop or get you in a jam.

In its basic form, a post is text and maybe a photo. Right?
That’s your plain pancakes.

But I don’t know anyone who eats plain pancakes! 
Y’all put toppings on them!

But you gotta decide what…

🥞Good ‘ol sugar & lemon?
🥞Fruit & syrup?
🥞Ooo, maybe you’re a savory instead of a sweet?

It’s all about what tantalises your taste buds!

What toppings can you add to your posts to make your audience’s mouth water so they want to get their teeth into you? (maybe I’ve mixed in a bit of left over Valentines

🥞Geek mode
🥞Switch up words for more impact
🥞Insightful observations that make us slap our foreheads and wonder why we didn’t think of that
🥞An analogy relating to something happening (clever huh?)
🥞Personal stories to give peeps all the feels
🥞An injection of super positivity
🥞A kick up the arse to get us to take an action
🥞Turn it into a 30 – 60sec video
🥞Get creative with your pics & an editing app

The list could go on for a long time! 

If you ate the same pancakes with the same toppings all the time, you’d get bored. 

This goes for your audience too.


If you’re looking at a post you’ve whipped up and feel like it’s a bit flat, how can you flip it so people give a toss?