15 Facts about People On Social

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People are weird! Social media even more so.
Put the two together and the fun beings

Here’s 15 Facts about People On Social:

1. People are lazy. The majority don’t want to click a link and move away from the network they’re on. They like it just where they are

2. They prefer simple, make it too complicated and they will run away

3. They like personal

4. They like humour

5. They like to know that you’re human too and have the shit moments just like they do

6. If your post doesn’t create an emotional reaction in them they’ll likely ignore it

7. People have their favourites. Once they love you you can post complete shite and they’ll still like aaalllllllll the posts and tell you’re awesome

15 Facts about People On Social - Mushroom Souffle

8. Anyone who complains you post too much is extremely unlikely to spend money with you. Therefore don’t listen to them

9. Everyone thinks they’re a social media expert. Will give out advice at the drop of a hat, even if they can barely post on FB themselves. Don’t listen to them either

10. Scrolling past a post you don’t agree with takes a willpower that so many don’t have

11. Recognising that someone else is just an arsehole or plain idiot and not to argue with them is a sanity saving skill

12. Not enough people use the unfollow button to remove the bullshit from their newsfeed

13. Everyone wastes too much time on social media, no matter what they tell you


14. People love to copy, but you don’t have to jump on the bandwagon with them if it’s one of the crazy fads. If someone copies you, take it as a compliment


15. People will comment on your posts with their own existing story, angle, perspective in their heads to make a point that they want to. Not necessarily the one you’re talking about!

Which of these is your favourite fact?