8 ways to maximise your professional brand photos across your social media

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Remember that professional photo shoot you had for your business?
The one with where your photographer shot a wide array of stunning photos that you love because they show the real you?

Please don’t hide those awesome pics of you in a folder on your computer and forget about them.
(Because we know you have!)

Maximise the time and money you invested in that professional photo shoot.
Yes, the one you might have felt a bit nervous about, but were delighted with the result.
Squeeze everything you can out of that baby.

Those images deserve to be used over and over again.

So many people make the mistake of thinking sharing them once means you can’t use them again. Hell no!

I love all the photos I’ve had taken in the past and like to use them in as many ways as possible across social media for others to see them.

This is about showcasing yourself to the highest standard you can for you and your business.

The first proper shoot I ever had back in 2015, I got super excited and made a full plan of how I would use them. 


Because this is about getting my personal brand out there, a strong and crucial part of my marketing.

So here’s my 8 ways to use your professional photos for maximum impact!

  1. Upload as your profile photo across all your social media profiles – get them out there so people can see your fabulous face. It’s a proven fact that people connect more emotionally with a face than  a logo.
  2. In your header photos on Facebook Profiles, Groups, and Pages, LinkedIn, and Twitter – and you can use a different photo on each of those!
  3. Design branded images with quotes, expert hints & tips over them
  4. Use them on product and service promotional images
  5. On your website
  6. On professional documents, proposals, quotes that you send to your clients
  7. On the cover of your eBooks
  8. In your social media posts just as they are – you looking HOT!

But it doesn’t stop there! Oh no, there’s more…

You can multiply the ways of using your photos if you feel like getting creative. Extend the life of your fabulous photos.

Upload them to Canva or another photo editing app –

  • Remove the background so you put yourself over many different backgrounds 
  • Overlay filters
  • Superimpose your head on different bodies!
  • Create memes

(or if you don’t want to do this, there’s some cool designers out there who will do it for you!)

Here’s examples of how I’ve used mine over the years:

Facebook Group header for my Facebook Group, Sarah’s Social Cake
Sarah Fletcher, Mushroom Souffle, Social Media Magic
LinkedIn Company Page banner showing a small collage of pics
Header photo on my Facebook profile
Social media tips posts
On images for the Challenges I have run in my group
10th birthday celebrations of Mushroom Soufflé – love a bit of fun!
7 ways to maximise your professional Brand Photos across social media
On my blog page on my website!

Your photos can be used repeatedly and in so many different ways.
You have invested good money, so get as much out of them as possible!

Build your brand, be more recognisable, have more people taking notice of you.
Be seen and known in the social media newsfeeds.

Now get to work seeing how many things you can do with those gorgeous pics!