10X your business book launch!

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10X Your Business Book Launch

Having a physical book is so freaking exciting.

Mmmmm, you can touch it, smell it, and stroke it (just me?), and it looks awesome on the shelf.

But you can increase your reader base and sales if….  

You have a Kindle version AND audio book.

Seriously, launching it with both the Kindle and audio options makes a HUGE difference.

There will always be those who want the physical thing.

But people are luuuurrrvvving audio books, they listen to them everywhere they go. There are those who will NEVER pick up a book to read it, it’s just not their thing. 

And lets not forget our hard of sight friends too – why should they miss out?

Kindle is fabulous for carrying you easily around in our bag. Or for those of us running out of space for physical books on our bookshelves (yeah yeah, just buy another bookcase, I know.)

Sounds good so far, 


And for me this makes it a total no brainer…

Heard of WhisperSync on Amazon? 

It’s a freaking amazing software that enables you to switch seamlessly between your Kindle and the audio book. It picks up on either where you left off! 

Love to read curls up on the sofa – cool.
Got to stop to pick the kids up from school? Change to listening to your audio book!


We all absorb information in different ways.

Having these options makes it more likely that people will buy, actually read/listen and finish your book – yes there are those who buy and do nothing with it. They will absorb the information, put it into practise and recommend it to others.

Plus having all the formats of your book means you can make cool bundle offers too.

Therefore you WILL make more book sales and reach more people to help them.

What does this mean to you?

Need to make the Kindle and Audio versions of your book? Go do it!

(Need help with audio? Go see Shiggi Pakter at Audiofy, she’s an audio ninja.)


Having the three versions of your business book – physical, Kindle, and audio means when you come to me to create your vault of evergreen social media content to promote the book, we’ve got loads of fabulous options to work with and posts to design that will make your book more accessible and enticing to your ideal reader. Check out Amplify Your Author-ity.