Don’t Let This Trash Your Business Book Promotion on Social Media

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I do a LOT of people watching on social media – it is a huge part of what I do.
Behaviours, patterns, habits, reactions. It’s fascinating stuff!
Humans are weird!

Love it in real life too, could sit and watch for hours in a busy place.

Anyway, the fact is we usually choose the EASY way to do something.

(Except on the days my brain decides to over-complicate shit 🙄😉)

With this in mind, I have a question for you…

WHY do people need to read your Business Book?

🤔 🤔 🤔




Let’s make the assumption your book isn’t dull.

I’m going to assume it has shit-hot stuff in it that, if implemented, can generate serious changes for your readers.

Or it holds life lessons that give new perspectives and opens up new ways of thinking.

But are you telling us, rather than me making those assumptions?

Dropping the link on social with a “my book is available here” is a great start.

  • Now tell us the sizzling stuff about it.
  • The persuasion part that will make us lunge for it to start devouring it.
  • Share a testimonials of raving readers.
  • Give it the hype it deserves.


People should just follow the link, right?

*If only life were that easy she wails*


(You know it’s true!)

And sucked into the endless newsfeed scroll.

Okaaaayyy, and BUSY too.

They need a nudge to take the action.

To be snapped out of that newsfeed scroll!

Grab their attention.

Show them what’s in it for them (literally!)

Others who don’t need it, might forward it onto a friend who they know it will help. Because they now know what it is about.


Make social media easier for yourself…

Write 10 different exciting intros to your book that you can copy/paste into emails, drop into comments in online conversations AND share as social media posts.

In all honestly I reckon you could easily do more than 10, but that’s a nice round number.

Save yourself time in the long run, make your book look HAWT 🔥

Dedicate some time and creativity to writing those intros and entice more people into clicking through to check it out and buy it.

And you’ve now got 10 evergreen posts to rinse and repeat.

It’s worth it.

Let me know what you do for yours, would love to see them.

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