Science Says YES to Repeating Yourself on Social Media!

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🔥 Why is repeating yourself on social media not only OK, but KEY to your online success.
>>> Because it maximises your time and expertise and your audience needs to hear your message REPEATEDLY to absorb it.



Here’s some cool science-y stuff:

“One reason our brain requires repetition is because we would live on overload if we remembered absolutely everything we saw, heard, and did.

Can you imagine remembering every license plate you ever saw, every commercial you ever viewed, every inane conversation you ever had?

Your mind would be awash in mental floating garbage, like so many plastic bags washed up on the shore of  your mind.

Repetition is a way for the brain to identify what is important and needs to be remembered and what is not important and does not need to be remembered.

Repetition builds neural paths in our brain along which thoughts travel. Because of how the brain is constructed and functions, with axons, dendrites and synapses, the more we repeat something, the deeper the path is and the stronger the memory is.”

(Shamelessly stolen from Max Anders – always credit your sources kids!)

Build those neural paths!


Business Authors – take full advantage of this and REVOLUTIONISE your social media presence…
and save time and overwhelm in the long run.

To do this you have to take EVERGREEN social media content waaaayyyy more seriously.

Your book is full of your wonderful geniusness.

▶️▶️▶️ Turn it into all the social media content you will ever need and make sure it rolls out consistently (in a non-spammy dick way).

Automating your entire social media present is NOT OK. You still need to be here to do your adhoc thing and talk to us.

But making sure the backbone of your message and foundational marketing is happening without you having to press the button/forgetting/being busy/messing it up will make a HUGE difference to you AND your audience.


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