Sarah Fletcher Mushroom Soufflé

WARNING: Get’s ridiculously excited and enthusiastic about Social Media for Business!

Working with owners of small businesses who are confused and overwhelmed by Social Media, but need to boost brand awareness and achieve increased exposure, Sarah Fletcher, the Social Media Educator, Creator & Motivator, and her team take your goals and turn them into structured, simple, yet highly-effective Social Media marketing strategies.

Because Social Media can be powerful when harnessed in the right way, Mushroom Soufflé’s focus is on converting your quiet and disinterested contacts into ‘Superfans’ – a growing, lively, tuned-in community buzzing with activity and spreading the word about them.

As a total Social Media geek since 2009, Sarah loves to create and provide practical training and mentoring, delighting in seeing the light bulb moments as her students ‘get it’.

Sarah is passionate about your social media presence, your branding, and your valuable time. Her passion, enthusiasm and belief in Social Media is contagious, but not only that, she takes what can be a challenging subject and breaks it down to be simple and achievable. Her mission is to ensure you gain clarity and purpose in utilising Social Media to maximum benefit of your company or position.

Sarah is a public speaker at business events on ‘Social Media Magic’, motivating business owners to boost their Social Media strategy and productivity, and specialises in Social Media Strategy, Mentoring, and Training.

Hang on, that isn’t all you want to know, is it? Let us guess…where did the name Mushroom Soufflé come from? Ah ha! Mushrooms grow, soufflés rise, and that is what we help business owners and managers to do through social media. It took Sarah three days of having the dictionary and thesaurus open on her laptop, and input from a very good friend, to come up with that one. Then another three days of Sarah wondering if she was crazy for naming her business that. We love it, and it is much more interesting and memorable than the option Sarah’s dad offered…Sarah Fletcher Associates! *yawn*