Social Media Content for Authors & Course Creators

Awesome Social Media Content to Promote Your Book or Online Course Done For You

You have spent weeks and months, writing your nonfiction book or creating your online course or programme that will help people.

It’s your baby, a labour of love.

But now it’s written, you have to promote it. Get it out there for the world to see!


Where to start?

Start writing your social media posts. Be where everyone else is and get lots of eyes on it, enticing them down the path to buy it.

You might suddenly feel irrationally shy. Awkward. Selling your baby is very personal!

Or you just don’t have a clue where to start or the time to work it out.

How do you put social media posts together? What will get their attention? How can you attract your readers?

So much of your precious time has gone into this. It deserves to be used effectively, to be out there, working for you all the time.

The thing is, it takes TIME. Lots of time to go through it all, pull out key messages and information, work out what will make good posts, create images to with them, research hashtags, and write posts in the right way for the social media network you want to post them on.

Equally, you just might be sick of looking at it. The thought of going all the way through the book AGAIN, after numerous drafts to identify those posts might make you blind 😉

It also needs understanding of what looks good out there and how to construct a post. Plus the ability to design thumb stopping images without spending hours on each one.

And that’s what is needed.

So I’ll do it for you in my…


I love creating content for businesses. Can’t explain it, but if you have a nonfiction book, I get absorbed in drawing your nuggets of wisdom out and producing posts designed to attract, promote, educate, and entertain. All of the crucial ingredients for awesome social media content!

This was part of the social media management packages that I used to offer, and I’d forgotten how much I revel in it.

Some of that revelling comes from the fact I know finding the time for you to create your own content is near on impossible.

Or the concept of breaking your book down into social media posts makes your brain pop because it’s not one of your strengths. Nothing wrong with that.

Which means all the valuable time you’ve put into writing your book is not being used to the fullest capacity it needs to be.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Imagine having a bank of 50+ evergreen posts ready to post at any time. That’s 10 + weeks of posts if you send them out 1 per day, 5 days a week!

And then, shock horror, you can share them again later on. Yes people, repetition is allowed – as long as it’s not too close together 😉

“As a new author, I was struggling to pull together social media posts and imagery for my title; something I find easy when promoting my business. I needed someone to help me move past this strange social media shyness that had occurred! Sarah was able to identify the key quotes and themes within my book, and created a suite of posts and images that will work all year round. The topic of my book, baby loss and mental health, is a sensitive one, but Sarah managed to keep on brand with my business and highlight the humour of my book; something I have been told is rare in book such as mine. The first time I shared the campaign was during maternal mental health awareness week; within days of posting on Twitter, I was invited to speak to a regional radio station about my story. I have also seen a steady increase in the sales of my book. Thank you Sarah for your wonderful work – I don’t hesitate in recommending you!”

Clara, Published Author and Back to Work Coach

“Sarah took up the challenge and did a FANTASTIC job for me in building the brand of my business. She totally got me and what I stand for. She got me SO well that I read her posts and tweets and thought “I don’t remember writing that!…oh I didn’t!” 😀
If you want a company that you can totally trust to do what you need and more – I highly, highly recommend Sarah and her team at Mushroom Souffle.”
Teejay, Published Author and Young People’s Mentor

“Sarah turned ‘Dance with the Elephants’ into a huge number of evergreen social media posts for LinkedIn and Twitter to get maximum interest in the launch of the book. I very much enjoyed working with Sarah. I have highly recommended Sarah to others.”

Phil, Published Author and Transformational Business Coach

“Sarah worked as agency back up in a private capacity for our consultancy and quickly proved herself as a highly valuable support asset. Growing too fast… call her immediately to offload content creation! The whole process was simple and easy. We never would have had time to do it.

Richard, Marketing Agency

How it works:

To start with – just give me your book or online course. That’s it. I do the rest!

There’s more! 

After all the posts are created. Lets talk about getting it out there.

We’ll design a strategy for it to go out across your social media channels and set up a system so it does it… auto-magically!

No sucking your time while you work out what the hell to do with all those posts I just gave you.

You will get…

  • Peace of mind knowing you have a bank of 50+ social media posts ready and easily reached for at any time you need.
  • Relief that it is ticked off your list and you don’t have to think about it anymore.
  • Satisfaction knowing you are capitalising on the bloody hard work you have invested in your book/programme.
  • Confident that your marketing plan for the book or online course will be effective and attract those who will benefit from it.
  • A Content Strategy to make the most of the posts that have been designed especially for you.
  • A system that will make it happen without you needing to think about it everyday.
  • Sense of achievement in knowing you will be CONSISTENT in your online presence. Consistency is the backbone of your marketing. It’s what attracts your community, builds the relationships, generates engagement, brand awareness, and gets you noticed.

Stop people dead in their tracks of endless newsfeed scrolling with your beautifully curated and designed posts!

Grab their interest to check out your book or online course.


I'm in!