No More Scratching Around for Awesome Social Media Content To Post.


I remember it too well. Waking up each morning and thinking “shit, I need to find something worthwhile to post on social media”.

Because when we’re doing this for business, the repetitive, insipid, valueless “Look at my latte in my fave coffee shop”, is not how we make friends and influence people.

It was hard work. Constantly being under pressure because I needed something that day meant that inspiration didn’t always strike. And when you’re not inspired, you can’t inspire anyone else. What comes out is often half-hearted, weak-assed drivel.

The silly thing is, you might not realise you’ve already got a vault load of content already at your disposal… it’s sat there waiting to be shared!

Except that it’s in the form of a book you’ve written, a programme you deliver, conversations you’ve had with clients, existing blogs and website content you’ve worked on.

I don’t even want to guess how much of your precious time has gone into creating all of that. It deserves to be used, to be out there, working for you all the time.

The thing is, it takes TIME. Lots of time (that you probably don’t have free) to go through it all, pull out key messages and information, work out what will make good posts, create images to with them, research hashtags, and write posts in the right way for the social media network you want to post them on.

It also needs understanding of what looks good out there and how to construct a post. Plus the ability to design thumb stopping images without spending hours on each one.

And that’s what is needed.

So I’ll do it for you in my…



I love creating content for businesses. Can’t explain it, but if you have a book, I get absorbed in drawing your nuggets of wisdom out and producing posts designed to attract, promote, educate, and entertain. All of the crucial ingredients for awesome social media content!

This was part of the social media management packages that I used to offer, and I’d forgotten how much I revel in it.

Some of that revelling comes from the fact I know finding the time for you to create your own content is near on impossible.

You know, on top of the fee generating work, looking after clients, using the skills you set your business up to do in the first place, managing your team, and strategising. Sitting down for a day, reading through all your stuff again, and working out what info makes a good post is never going to happen.

Which means all the valuable time you’ve put into writing your book is not being used to the fullest capacity it needs to be.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Imagine having a bank of 50 evergreen posts ready to post at any time. That’s 10 weeks of posts if you send them out 1 per day, 5 days a week!

And then, shock horror, you can share them again later on. Yes people, repetition is allowed – as long as it’s not too close together 😉


“I loved working with Sarah. The content she provided is tailored to me and my industry. Most people can’t tell the difference between her posts and mine. A job well done.”

Anna, Bookkeeping and Accountancy Practice


“Sarah took up the challenge and did a FANTASTIC job for me in building the brand of my business. She totally got me and what I stand for. She got me SO well that I read her posts and tweets and thought “I don’t remember writing that!…oh I didn’t!” 😀
If you want a company that you can totally trust to do what you need and more – I highly, highly recommend Sarah and her team at Mushroom Souffle.”
Teejay, Young People’s Mentor


“Sarah worked as agency back up in a private capacity for our consultancy and quickly proved herself as a highly valuable support asset. Growing too fast… call her immediately to offload content creation! The whole process was simple and easy. We never would have had time to do it.

Richard, Marketing Agency

How it works:

  1. Tell us what social media networks you use
  2. Give us your branding info – logos, colours, fonts, profile photos, all images you have, etc.
  3. Hand over all your content. Your book or programme (in Word format), website and blogs.
  4. You receive a Tweet Sheet (spreadsheet) of your posts and a folder of your images ready to post!


There’s more! You will also get…

  • Peace of mind knowing you have a bank of 50 posts ready and easily reached for at any time.
  • Relief that it is ticked off your list and you don’t have to think about it anymore.
  • Satisfaction knowing you are capitalising on the bloody hard work you have invested in your book/programme/website.
  • That smug feeling that, while those around you are still scratching around for content, aren’t organised, and struggling for time and consistency, you’ve got this nailed.
  • Sense of achievement in knowing you will be CONSISTENT in your online presence. Consistency is the backbone of your marketing. It’s what attracts your community, builds the relationships, generates engagement, brand awareness, and gets you noticed.


Stop people dead in their tracks of endless newsfeed scrolling with your carefully curated and designed posts!