Coming up with awesome social media content ideas and the actual creation of it can be a bitch, right?

Are you spinning around on your office chair or gazing out of the window waiting for inspiration to strike?

Or have you given up and started answering emails or scrolling through Facebook because it’s easier?

The joys of coming up with new ideas to share in your blogs and newsletters, and across your Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Your community grows because they want to hear what you have to say because you’re the expert in your industry and have bucket loads of wisdom and experience to share.

Building this community makes it your responsibility to bring them high value by sharing that wisdom and experience with them.

Without it, they’ll go and find what they need elsewhere. With your competition probably.

Having awesome social media content is the only way to attract, engage and keep your social media community.


“But I don’t know what to say”


“It takes so long”


“I’m not really sure how to create it”


“My mind just goes blank”


You’re not alone!

I’ve been there, experienced it, faffed about, and generally wasted time (seriously painful!).

I’ve also worked with A LOT of people who feel the same as you.


If you’re as bored of this bullshit as I am, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the new online Social Media Content Mastermind!


Who is it for?

The online Social Media Content Mastermind is perfect:

  • For forward-thinking business owners already using social media for business, but wanting to speed things up and start getting results.
  • If you get brain freeze when thinking about what to say.
  • When you’re struggling to find the time to plan your social media content in advance.
  • Because you are frustrated at your lack of engagement and results with your community.
  • For ridiculously busy business peeps who couldn’t find time to attend my face-to-face workshop. Do it at your desk!

Commitment, Consistency & Confidence are the keys to success!


“We’re still using your tools and techniques over a year later and haven’t run out of ideas to post yet. And we won’t.”

Andy Instone, Urban Strides

I'm in!


Up for rolling up your sleeves up and getting to work?

This is what you will get…

  • An online course that will walk you through creating content for your social media, blogs, emails, and marketing. This works for anything you need content for.
  • Discover tools and techniques for sparking inspirational new ideas.
  • Be set up for success with your scheduling tools and processes that will speed it everything up.
  • How to re-use your content again and again. Make the most of your valuable time you spent creating it.
  • The ability to design a THREE month content plan (minimum), knowing you have tons to talk about and stuff is already scheduled to go out.
  • You will be accountable for bringing your best ‘I’m gonna nail this’ self, you can’t just come along for the ride!

Sounds great! Sign me up



Here’s a BIG Win for You!

The full course isn’t ready! It was meant to be but tech issues got in the way like they do, ggrrrr.

However, my tech troubles are your gain. Here’s the deal…

You can grab it now in the super pre-launch offer. You just won’t be able to access ALL of it straight away.

The full price will be £297.

I don’t want you to pay that!

£177 and it’s all yours. Forever! Well, while you and I are still around 🙂

When it’s 100% good to go (just a few weeks) we are having a proper launch, and that price won’t be as low as this.





YES to getting shit done in one day!

Hell yes, I'm in!


See What Others Say!


Wow, my head is about to explode.  Thanks for your time this afternoon.  Much appreciated.  Lots to do and think about…

Jo Spencer, Spencer Insurance Brokers


Before I completed the Content Mastermind Day, I had a complete mind block on “what” to say on my business social media. The day helped my to figure out what content could be recycled to create a regular flow of posts going out, but also gave me lots of fresh ideas of things that I could post about, and plenty of tools that I can use to continue to create and find new content. It’s given me the kick up the backside to just get it scheduled!

Kate Butcher, Milton Hospitality


Sarah really helped me focus on what my marketing message needed to be on Social Media and generating ideas for my updates, ensuring that it complimented my main message about Communication Excellence. I highly recommend Sarah and her enthusiasm to get the best result for you and your business.

Patrick Bird, Interactive Performance Management


Before doing Sarah’s training I felt like I had all the ingredients for a brilliant social media cake but no recipe nor tools to make it quickly. Sarah gave me a detailed recipe and a range of pro-tools that make baking easy and guess what!? My cakes are excelling! I have produced videos that have been viewed nearly 9000 times, people are sharing my content and I have seen a rise in enquiries about what we can offer. Seriously, do it! Talk to Sarah, it’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Renee Watson, Head of Explosions, WATS.ON


Prior to the Content Mastermind Day, I was unfocused. Afterwards, I was focused with content & a plan!

Andy Hunt,


This is most probably the best and most useful training I have had ….maybe ever!

Julie Mutton, BARE UK


Ahead of the Mastermind I had ideas but little direction. I wasn’t sure where I should focus my time and attention in the overcrowded world of social media. I now feel more in control, having created a schedule and set up scheduling tools.

Fiona Joines Training and Consultancy


Am now in a much more knowledgeable and confident position to manage and drive our social media activity.

Mike Woodward, Opera Anywhere


Enlightening and very enjoyable. Am now cracking on with updating my tweets and blogs.

Jacqui Hogan, CoCreative


Quick Recap…

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Make that decision…

Book my space now!

Not for you?

Fair enough! Please share this with someone you know it will make a huge difference to.

Thanks for dropping in 🙂