Mushroom Soufflé - Social Media Magic Mastermind ProgrammeI’m seeing a lot of halfheartedly setup social media profiles and pages out there.

Accounts that were set up on the fly, not completed, and not looked at again.

And posting is sporadic.


“Nobody really follows me on Twitter anyway. I’m just posting to it straight from Facebook. I don’t look at it”

“We just created what we needed to, and haven’t looked at it again since.”

“Has no idea that section was there when I created the Facebook Page.”

“No idea what I should be posting.”

(Real life quotes from clients!)


People are watching you!

Are you looking at those profiles and pages with zero ideas on how to make them better?

If so, this is for you.

Remember people from all over the world can see them. It’s a thing of being in the public domain.

If they’re crap, how many people will judge you on that? A lot.

That is potential business you are losing.

Your social media accounts need to be working for you while you are off being a superstar for your clients. Enticing your ideal clients in, representing you to the highest level, being found in searches.

This is about setting your business up for online success – first impressions count and then the rest that follows has to be shit-hot too. 

If you’re stuck in a rut with it, don’t just ignore it.

I’m here to pull you out.

Why? Because I see it is needed.

And this is the perfect time to do it. When January comes you’re sizzling hot and hitting the ground running to hook everyone in as they come back from their Christmas feasting.

Power Up Social Media Profiles


But what is THIS?

Honest, personal, in-depth assessment – with expert, clear feedback and direction. And then I do the legwork for you!

Perfect considering getting the expert’s opinion can be critical, but then you still need to find time to do the work and actually get the ball rolling.

  • Full assessment of social media profiles and activity – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with a Report of what I find with solutions to any issues I discover
  • Stalking of your 3 main competitors – short report with recommendations of ways to stand out
  • Updating and rewriting of information sections and bios
  • Creating new cover photos
  • Uploading new profile pics (to be provided by client)
  • A list of 20 brainstormed ideas to smash through the “I don’t know what to say” block
  • 30 minute Action Booster Call
  • We implement the changes that need to be made to the profiles – save you time and get it done
  • 5 x created for you posts from the brainstormed list of ideas. We will schedule them for you too if needed!

Sarah Fletcher - social media training - social media profiles - Mushroom SouffleWhy You, Sarah?

I’m Sarah Fletcher, and I created Mushroom Soufflé nearly 10 years ago!

I have lost count of how many company profiles I powered up in the days of our management services.

Even now, coaching and training businesses to do this for themselves, this is the first step we go through when working together. But they have to do the hard work!


Industries that I’ve worked with include:

Business Consultants
Dog Trainers & Behaviourists
Events Companies
Graphic Designers

Dance Schools
Financial Advisers
Marketing Consultants

Performance Coaches
Property Management
Eco Building Sector
Garden Designers

Virtual Assistants
Restoration Companies
Insurance Brokers
Management Consultants
Interior Designers
Life Coaches
Fitness Instructors
Network Marketers


“Sarah worked as agency back up in a private capacity for our consultancy and quickly proved herself as a highly valuable support asset. Growing too fast… call her immediately for profile improvements and content creation! The whole process was simple and easy. We never would have had time to do it.

Richard, Marketing Agency


“I loved working with Sarah. Our profiles look fabulous. The content she provided is tailored to me and my industry. Most people can’t tell the difference between her posts and mine. A job well done.”

Anna, Accountancy Practice

What’s the catch?

The main one…I only have 4 spots available due to the time requirement on them. Book yours in now!

The other tiny issues:

> Pride in social media profiles that are updated, refreshed, fully complete and designed to attract, promote, and engage.

> 5 x ready to roll (or scheduled) posts to get you started

> A private 30 minute Action Booster Call with Sarah to answer your questions and make an action plan

> 15 x additional brainstormed posts ideas so you can break that block and crack on with creating your awesome content

Minor details 😉


Yes! Power Up My Profiles