Mushroom Soufflé - Social Media Magic Mastermind

The Social Media Magic Mastermind Programme is perfect:

  • For forward-thinking business owners, already using social media for your business
  • If you get brain freeze when thinking about what to say
  • When you’re struggling to find the time to plan your activities in advance
  • Because you are frustrated at your lack of results

You’re not alone!

I’ve been there, faffed about, tried different approaches, felt like I was wading through treacle, stared out the window waiting for inspiration to strike (as it did for this Mastermind programme), and generally wasted time (seriously painful!).


Learn from my mistakes, and generate results quicker than I did. I’m here to make things easier for you, let’s do it together!

Join me on The Social Media Mastermind Programme, and learn the strategies needed to take full advantage of increased exposure, build a consistently growing community of dedicated followers who will spread the word about you, and make it easier for potential clients to find out about you and communicate with you.

And to make the process even easier for you, the programme is all online, so you can do it from the convenience of your desk, saving time and travel.

Use this time to forge forwards to gain the maximum results you can for 2018. We are going to revamp your strategy, create awesome content, and elevate results!

Sound good?

Email us now on!


The Social Media Mastermind Programme!

Come on a magical social media journey. Work closely with me, Sarah Fletcher, and a confidential group of business people dedicated to making a success of our businesses. Be ready to learn and help each other.

The programme runs for 12 weeks from Tuesday 6th March 2018, and is based in our secret Facebook Group….ssshhhh!

Are you ready for the knowledge and motivation it will bring?

  • Assessment of your existing Social Media Activity & Accounts. Make instant improvements!
  • 1 x private 30-minute mentoring call per month with Sarah to tailor this to YOUR business, and support and motivate you
  • Secret Facebook Group to share questions, ideas and network with each other
  • Weekly Q&A opportunities to pick my brains
  • Mentoring, brainstorming, training and support through regular videos, discussions and emails to include:
    • Don’t Dither, know your Direction
    • Super Strategy Made Easy
    • Awesome Content for your Community
    • Facebook – The place where everyone should know your name! We’ll make you a ninja in no time at all
    • LinkedIn – we all know you HAVE to be there – how to leverage it
    • Twitter – love it or loathe it – it’s a key asset in your strategy
    • Just. Make. It. Work…Smoothly.

You will be accountable for putting your new understanding, skills and strategies into action, you can’t just come along for the ride!


Here’s the Guarantee!

If you follow the programme, put in the time and work, and it is not a total game changer for your business, just say the word and I’ll give you your money back. How’s that for a guarantee?


More Exciting Bits

Even if you’ve worked with me before, we have new angles, techniques and tools for you.

This is a closed intimate training and mentoring programme for those determined to rock their social media!


Support a Charity!

A totally mind-bending moment was when this idea came out of nowhere!

When we fill the programme, I will sponsor a charity to join us on the programme for FREE. It will be incredible to make an even bigger difference to the world with this Mastermind programme. My goal is to be able to sponsor a charity on every Mastermind Programme so they can increase the fantastic work they do by harnessing social media in the right way.


Your Investment

This programme is £470, or pay in 3 instalments of £175 each! Not a lot to invest in acquiring clarity in building your online business reputation, and fine-tuning your social media strategy to generate greater success.

YES to Social Media Magic Mastermind?



Don’t take my word for it!

I decided it was time I refreshed my approach to my Social Media presence which to date has been LinkedIn. I asked Sarah if she could help me. I could not have made a better decision. Sarah helped me by honing my focus on how I describe myself and what I do, the mysteries of Twitter, the nuances of LinkedIn, and really got me to understand the value of Social Media to my business. I am now organised and have the capability to run this myself. Sarah has been great in keeping me on track using coaching calls, and generating ideas for my updates. I highly recommend Sarah and her enthusiasm to get the best result for you and your business.

Patrick Bird, Interactive Performance Management

Before doing Sarah’s training I felt like I had all the ingredients for a brilliant social media cake but no recipe nor tools to make it quickly. Sarah gave me a detailed recipe and a range of pro-tools that make baking easy and guess what!? My cakes are excelling! I have produced videos that have been viewed nearly 9000 times, people are sharing my content and I have seen a rise in enquiries about what we can offer. Seriously, do it! Talk to Sarah, it’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Renee Watson, Head of Explosions, WATS.ON

Sarah delivered the “Mastermind” programme in an enthusiastic, understandable, professional manner throughout – the content is astounding and we have now implemented a full social media strategy for our business ( something we had previously avoided through lack of understanding) which is already starting to have measurable results in terms of sales – I would definitely recommend signing up & completing the “Mastermind Programme” as carrying out the actions will catapult your business to the next level of success in terms of customer enquiries.

Andy Hunt, Clearsky Properties

If you are struggling to get a grip on your social media then the Mushroom Soufflé Mastermind Programme is for you.  Sarah breaks down the course into manageable weekly topics, each with actions to help you move forward.  She really knows her subject and is very focused.  Full of great (head exploding) ideas and always enthusiastic. The programme helped me to devise a social media plan and develop the tools to put that plan into action.  I would really recommend it.

Jo Spencer, Spencer Insurance Brokers

I enjoyed Sarah’s Social Media Mastermind Programme because the information was presented clearly and the format of tackling one area each week worked well. Sarah knows her stuff and is a kind person and fun to work with. The videos are very helpful and the programme had been put together with great care.

Margi Ross, The Conscious Feminine

Quick Recap…

  • We start on 6th March 2018 – 12 weeks of proactive group and private Social Media advice, support, mentoring and motivation that will save you time and money.
  • £470 or pay three payments of £175 by Direct Debit.
  • A money back guarantee!
  • And don’t forget the sponsorship of a charity!

What’s not to love?

YES, I’m in!