You have the best intentions of doing your business’ social media every day.

Posting interesting content, boosting awareness that you exist and are ready to serve, interacting to build relationships and answer questions, connecting with new people and enticing them into your world (basically so you can sell to them at some point – BUT NOT STRAIGHT AWAY!)

But other business stuff just keeps getting in the way.

You’re doing OK, you try to get on a few times a week but it can be sporadic.

You have regular brain-farts as to what to do next, which means you waste time.

Although strange how we can always find time for an aimless newsfeed scroll on Facebook or Instagram!

There have been moments (or whole days) when you’ve thought…


“What on earth am I meant to be doing?”


“I’ve run out of content to post”


“This takes too frigging long”


“FFS, a 13 year old kid probably has this nailed more than I do right now and is making a fortune from YouTube”


Confusion, annoyance, eye rolling, just wanting to ignore it or actually ignoring it – recognise any of those?

We need to stamp those out! Although I still love a good eye roll.

You’re missing a solid social media action plan based on your business goals to follow.

You know what that will give you?

  • Simplicity.
  • Consistency.
  • More time.
  • Better results.
  • Ultimately this generates more leads and (if you’re converting them right) more money in your bank account!

Oh, and less wrinkles from frowning over it every morning when you wake up 😉 You’re welcome!


Sounds Exactly What I Need. How Do I Get It?

In this 4 hour Social Media Strategy workshop!

You will have templates, tools, and techniques to work with.

You will get clarity on your social media for this year and create that super simple plan to follow.

Then you follow the plan.

And keep following it.

Rinse and repeat.

The point is to remove having to think too hard about it. No over complicating it.


Who is it for?

The Social Media Action Plan Workshop is perfect:

  • For proactive business owners, already using social media for your business but wanting to be more productive and speed things up
  • If you are missing an action plan you can rinse and repeat
  • When you’re struggling to find the time to plan your social media content in advance
  • Because you are frustrated at your lack of engagement and results


Social media workshops - Mushroom Souffle Sarah Fletcher

Cost & Date

£120 per person

Friday 22nd March, 9.30am to 1.30pm.

In Thame, Oxfordshire


The Guarantee!

Attend the workshop, put in the time and work, and if it your social media doesn’t sizzle within 3 months, just say the word and I’ll give you your money back. How’s that for a guarantee?


Sarah Fletcher, Socail Media Strategy Workshop, Thame OxfordshireWhy You, Sarah?

I’m Sarah Fletcher, and I created Mushroom Soufflé nearly 10 years ago!

I have lost count of the number of businesses I’ve worked with over that time brainstorming and strategising their social media activity campaigns that will attract, engage, infotain, and promote.

Businesses getting that plan in place and their social media starting to generate results, whilst they are more relaxed yet focused…amazing!

They have replaced boosting Facebook posts with getting the same or higher reach with organic content. The time they invested is seeing more of a return. Teams are more cohesive in how they work together. Levels of creativity rocketed. Engagement with communities steadily growing.


Industries that I’ve worked with include:

Business Consultants
Dog Trainers & Behaviourists
Events Companies
Graphic Designers

Dance Schools
Financial Advisers
Marketing Consultants

Performance Coaches
Property Management
Eco Building Sector
Garden Designers

Virtual Assistants
Restoration Companies
Insurance Brokers
Management Consultants
Interior Designers
Life Coaches
Fitness Instructors
Network Marketers



  • A workshop planning your social media success with templates, tools and techniques to make it simple
  • Friday 22nd March,  in Thame, Oxfordshire
  • 9.30am to 1.30pm
  • £120
  • Money back guarantee
  • INCLUDED: A private 20-minute Action Booster Call with me two weeks after the workshop. Accountability shizzle, boosting your motivation, answering your questions, specific advice for you and your business, and making sure you’ve got this


Are You In?

I'm in!

Not for you?

Fair enough! Please share this with another business owner you know it will make a huge difference to.

Thanks for dropping in 🙂