Social Media Training & Mentoring for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

You’re ready to take your social media to the next level?

It’s time for 100% confidence in you, your action plan, and knowledge and skills to make it happen.

Your time is valuable. The more help you get, the steeper your learning curve and the quicker and more successful your social media is, bringing you the results that your business needs.

I’m here to support you on your social media journey with social media training and mentoring. Making sure you avoid the many pitfalls with ongoing social media coaching, brainstorming, action plans, and training. I love to take what can be quite a mystical and confusing subject and break it down into simple and achievable steps for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

Getting excited about transforming your online presence? You should be!
Together we are going to blast through the challenges that are preventing your social media success and take it to the next level. This is about empowering you, giving you the tools to effectively design and run your own super successful social media campaigns.

You have to be prepared to give it all you’ve got, and a bit more.

You have a buffet of choices to suit your needs:

  • DIY training courses that you do on your own at your own speed – check out Know WTF You’re Doing on Social Media and The Content Mastermind
  • A 12 week group mastermind – see the 12 Week Social Media Brain Box
  • Or private tailored one-to-one options for you and your team.

Let’s find the right social media training & mentoring programme for you:

Online Social Media Training Courses for business owners, managers, and the marketing team.
Level up your knowledge, ability, tools and techniques, and be more efficient to drive results with social media.
The joy with these is you do them in your own time, at your own speed.

Know WTF You're Doing on Social Media

Know WTF You’re Doing on Social Media

DIY course: No more wasting time on your social media. Get focused. Get a plan and the right tools.
Then rinse and repeat!

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The Social Media Content Mastermind

The Social Media Content Mastermind

DIY course: Attract the right people, stand out from your competitors. And have a never ending list of ideas to talk about and create.

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12 Week Social Media Brain Box

12 Week
Social Media Brain Box

Take full control of your social media
with an awesome group of business owners. Find out when the next cohort starts!

Come on!

One-to-One Social Media Training

Mushroom Souffle - One-to-One Social Media Coaching

Social Media

Plan for the results you & your business need.
Are you missing strategy, motivation & tools that you know will make a HUGE difference?
Focused face-to-face power sessions & calls.

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Social Media

You are an Action Taker!
Strategy, content, processes, & accountability are the missing ingredients to your online success.
Zoom & Email.

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Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Practical one-to-one training giving you
full  confidence using your social media
to maximum effect.

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