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Confidence is the key! And our Social Media Training will give you that.

Our training sessions are designed to drastically increase your learning curve, save you time, and make sure you are using your chosen social media networks to the highest standard that you can.

Everyone can see what you’re doing – it’s not the place to be making mistakes.

And we know, if you aren’t comfortable and proficient in using them, you’ll procrastinate and not do it. Yep, we know, we see you 😉



LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Is it painful trying to use any of them? You want to, but it seems to take so long whenever you login because you’re not sure exactly how they function?

It is VITAL to know exactly how to work your Social Media networks. It will save time and enable you to extract every ounce of opportunity from them by having total dexterity in operating them.

How can you create an effective strategy if you’re not sure of the full functionality they offer and what you can achieve with them?


We’ve got the solution, let’s find the best one for you…


Private Social Media Training

  • Tailored to your existing level of knowledge
  • Private, step by step, two and a half hour practical training sessions
  • You learn by doing!
  • Face-to-face OR online via Skype. Face-to-face training for business sessions can take place across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Further if you cover Sarah’s travel! For everywhere else in the world we can go online!
  • Followed up with an Action Booster Call two weeks later – accountability, support, and motivation to ensure you’re getting the best out of your training.

Find out more about:

LinkedIn Training

Twitter Training

Facebook Training for Business

For a more intense option to cover designing an overall dynamic social media strategy, more than one social media channel, brainstorming and creating awesome content, and time management tools and techniques, please look at our Social Media VIP and Social Media Virtual Coaching programmes

Group Social Media Workshops

Sarah has delivered a range of social media group workshops for private and public organisations throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire since 2010. You can be any of the following:

  • Members of an organisation
  • Team training in a company
  • Networking organisations
  • Groups of business owners
  • County councils

We have a range of full day, two days, and half-day workshops covering:

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Content

LinkedIn Training

Twitter Training

Facebook Training for Business


Alternatively, we can design social media training specific to your group requirements.

Please email or call 07958 463689 to discuss how we can work together.


Freelance Social Media Trainer

Available as a freelance social media trainer, Sarah collaborates with other training providers to enhance their offerings by delivering their social media training.

Please email or call 07958 463689 to discuss how we can work together.