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Great to see you’re interested in LinkedIn Training!

We guess you might have a question…


Why do you need LinkedIn Training for your business?

Great question! LinkedIn is THE largest online professional network. With over 467 million members and two more signing up every two seconds, if you are a business owner you need a LinkedIn account. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, as a business person you still want to be building your network of hot contacts, associates, referrers, suppliers, and generating leads.

In fact, we are great believers that EVERYONE should have a LinkedIn profile – from corporate executives to students, those looking for work, and mums on maternity leave. LinkedIn is a hub of activity for finding new challenges, team members, and referrals.

LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to identify, research and connect with experts and companies who would be perfect to assist you in your business or you can assist with theirs. And once you have connected with them, it is important to be able to continue building those relationships that will generate rewards.


So what does this mean?

You need to look HOT! Your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page must be working to maximum effectiveness for you. Do they have the impact you need? Are they 100% complete and portray your expertise and why you are THE person to do business with? You have to look good for when people stalk you BEFORE they do business with you.

A LinkedIn strategy is a must have, it’s not just about connecting with people, you need more.


How do I make sure I do this correctly?

Short answer – work with us. Sarah delights in transferring her knowledge to you, breaking LinkedIn down into easy to understand sections, and making sure you have the full understanding and skills you need to make it work for you. Sarah always delivers to your current level of knowledge and builds from there. If you’re a total newbie – no problem! If you’ve been using it for a while but need to boost your ability – no problem!


Tailored LinkedIn Training just for you…

  • Private, step by step, two and a half hour practical LinkedIn training sessions
  • You learn by doing and discussing
  • Face-to-face OR online via Skype. Face-to-face LinkedIn training sessions can take place across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. For everywhere else in the world we can go online!


What do we cover?

As all sessions are tailored to your current level of knowledge and understanding, this is a basic guide.

  1. Build Your Profile with Impact
  2. Company Pages and Groups
  3. Connecting and Interacting
  4. LinkedIn Etiquette
  5. Recommendations
  6. Your Linkedin Strategy

Let’s get to work!


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