Know WTF you’re doing on social media this year

Did you skip into 2020 just like hundreds of other business owners thinking “This is going to be great! I’ll be super organised, my marketing and social media will rock, I’m going to generate loads of leads, make a shit ton of money.”

Loads of good intentions:

  • “I’ll get the 2020 social media plan done before Christmas”……..
  • “Hmmm, definately over the festive period then”………..
  • “oh well, I’ll get it done the first week back in January”……….
  • “bugger”

Didn’t quite happen?

You’ve had that horrendous illness doing the rounds
Social plans went wild
Time just slipped by……….

No stress. We’ve all been there. I’ve got you.

Simplicity. Focus. Action.

It always feels like there is soooooo much to do for social media.

Post 3 times a day
On ALL the social media networks

With professional standard photographs,
Articles that are worthy of a Pulitzer prize
Have personal conversations with as many people as possible
Support everyone else, liking and commenting on their posts
and showing up every single day

It is too easy to get overwhelmed by all the options, all the possibilities, all the shiny new toys.

To over complicate it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, all you need is


Not having that is what wastes time and hurts your brain.
And is why we can always find time for an aimless newsfeed scroll on Facebook or Instagram to procrastinate!

So, let me show you how!

A clear solid social media plan based on your business goals

That will give you:

  • Simplicity
  • Consistency
  • More time
  • Better results
  • More leads and (if you’re converting them right) more money in your bank account!

It also gets rid of these moments…

“What on earth am I meant to be doing?”

“I’ve run out of content to post”

“This takes too frigging long”

“FFS, a 13 year old kid probably has this nailed more than I do right now and is making a fortune from YouTube”

Oh, and less wrinkles from frowning over it every morning when you wake up 😉

You’re welcome!

Sounds Exactly What I Need. How Do I Get It?

In our group online course that will run from Monday 10th February 2020.

We are going to do it TOGETHER.
Over 8 days.
It will take about 30 minutes a day.


Motivation, breaking it down, support, answering questions, and shits and giggles.

Everyone will jump into a private Facebook Group and the tasks will be sent out daily for 7 days. You’ll work through the task each day and spend the rest of it feeling smug and being the superstar at everything else you do.

If you want them, you will have templates, tools, and techniques to work with.
(more on that in a mo!)

You will get clarity on your social media for this year and create that super simple plan to follow.

Then you follow the plan.

And keep following it.

Rinse and repeat.

The point is to remove having to think too hard about it. Free up your brain space!

I want this, sign me up!

All the Tools you need to get started

A plan is only half the battle, with a plan you know WHAT you want to deliver.

but not HOW to deliver it…….

Well, I’ve got your back here too!

I have Templates to make it easy and, most importantly, repeatable. Four templates so you can download everything from your brain. Then chill and focus on other things.

PLUS… put them where you have easy access to them or where you can see them all the time – you stay on track with much less effort!

Monthly Content Themes
Blog Topic Planner
Daily/weekly Planner


A Content Calendar with an idea for what to talk about

Every. Single. Day of the Year.
all 365 of them. Crazy right?

And all the Help too

Not only do you get the tools.

But I’ll show you how to use them.

All the Templates
All the Techniques

And we are going to do it TOGETHER.
Over 8 days.

In our dedicated private Facebook Group.

There are ALWAYS questions that pop up when you’re working on this stuff
And they can mean you grind to a halt.

No way! Not on my watch!

There will be three Live sessions so I can answer your questions personally.

You will get clarity on your social media for this year and create a super simple, repeatable plan tailored exactly to your specifications.

Then you follow the plan.
And keep following it.
Rinse and repeat.

Who is it for?

This is perfect if you’re:

  • A proactive business owner, already using social media for your business but wanting to be more productive and speed things up
  • Bored of confusion, annoyance, eye rolling, just wanting to ignore your social media or actually ignoring it
  • Missing an action plan you can rinse and repeat
  • Struggling to find the time to plan your social media content in advance
  • Frustrated at your lack of engagement and results

Who is it NOT for?

  • Total social media newbies who don’t know how their chosen social media networks or a Facebook group work
  • Business owners already smashing it online
  • Those not willing to dedicate a bit of time to this everyday
  • Anyone still not ‘convinced’ of how social media can boost your business

How Much & When?

£49 per person with all the cool, useful templates and vids to show how to use them.

>>> 15% will be donated to Homeless Oxfordshire, an incredible charity supporting people out of homelessness.

Kicks off on Monday 17th February 2020 for 8 days.

Hell Yes!

Sarah Fletcher - Social Media Trainer & Social Media Coach

Why You, Sarah?

I’m Sarah Fletcher, and I created Mushroom Soufflé nearly 11 years ago!

I have lost count of the number of businesses I’ve worked with over that time brainstorming and strategising their social media activity campaigns that will attract, engage, infotain, and promote.

Businesses getting that plan in place and their social media starting to generate results, whilst they are more relaxed yet focused…amazing!

They have replaced boosting Facebook posts with getting the same or higher reach with organic content. The time they invested is seeing more of a return. Teams are more cohesive in how they work together. Levels of creativity rocketed. Engagement with communities steadily growing. Gaining more clients and making more £££.

Industries I’ve worked with include:

Business Consultants
Dog Trainers & Behaviourists
Events Companies
Graphic Designers

Dance Schools
Financial Advisers
Marketing Consultants

Performance Coaches
Property Management
Eco Building Sector
Garden Designers

Virtual Assistants
Restoration Companies
Insurance Brokers
Management Consultants
Interior Designers
Life Coaches
Fitness Instructors
Network Marketers


  • An online 8 day course planning your social media success
  • We’re doing it in a group for support, motivation, sparking ideas, and general hive mind awesomeness
  • Templates, Content Calendar, tools and techniques to make it simple
  • At the comfort of your desk
  • Starts Monday 17th February 2020
  • Approx 30 minutes a day of your focus needed
  • £49
  • 15% of all monies will be donated to Homeless Oxfordshire, an amazing charity supporting people out of homelessness
  • INCLUDED: Live videos in the Facebook group answering your questions, specific advice for you and your business, and making sure you’ve got this

Yes, I'm in!

Why is Homeless Oxfordshire my Chosen Charity?

Because seeing people sleeping on the streets, no safe home to go to, no money, crap food to eat, cold, little chance of getting a job, and ignored by many who walk past them breaks my heart.

EVERYONE needs somewhere safe they can sleep.

So many are there due to nothing they did wrong, shit just happened and spiraled out of control. 

The fact is, when I walk round town there are only so many people I can stop and talk to, give away the snacks in my bag to, grab something from the supermarket for. 

There are so many homeless people I feel totally overwhelmed.
This isn’t how things should be.

Homeless Oxfordshire are a local charity supporting people out of homelessness.
They have a full pathway of services available from providing daily meals and a shower, to a room of their own at O’Hanlon House, to navigating them to being back on track (mental and physical well-being), independent with a job and their own flat.

By supporting these guys, we are proactively helping so many more people than me handing out snacks from my bag.

15% of ALL the money I make on this course will be donated to Homeless Oxfordshire.

If you decide that this course isn’t for you, but you would still like to donate to them, that would be amazing. You can donate here!

Plan for social media success & support an AWESOME charity?

Abso-bloody-lutely! Take my money

Not for you?

Fair enough! Please share this with another business owner you know it will make a huge difference to.

Thanks for dropping in 🙂